Our team of established customs professionals have many years' experience in supporting clients with their import and export customs procedures, to ensure they are able to enter new markets seamlessly.

Carrying out customs clearance for both imports and exports multiple times a day, we pride ourselves on providing the best quality support for our clients from initial instruction to the goods reaching their destination.

Features of our Customs services

    We will complete your T1 and T2L documents on your behalf to ensure the smooth transit of your goods.
  • LCL to FCL shipments
    No matter the size of your shipment, our customs experts are on hand to support you throughout the process.
    Our status as an Authorised Economic Operator highlights that our business' customer control procedures meet AEO standards and criteria, ensuring a safe and secure supply chain.
  • Expert guidance
    Classifying your goods correctly is crucial, therefore with the Grace Overseas team's guidance you can guarantee your goods have been classified accurately.
  • Badge codes for majority of UK ports
    No matter what port within the UK your imports and exports travel through, our team is on hand to help.
  • EDI links to DESTIN8 & CDS
    Our EDI links ensure that turnaround on customs processes is swift, accurate and simple.
    Our pricing structure makes our service one of the most competitive on the market, and with over 35 years' experience you can rest assured you’re partnering with a leading provider.
  • First-class IT infrastructure
    Our excellent IT infrastructure guarantees that our customs procedures run seamlessly for each and every shipment of goods.

Looking for
Brexit guidance?

The freight forwarding industry in particular experienced a great deal of change with regards to importing and exporting to EU member countries.

For the Grace Overseas team, our Brexit preparation began a number of years ago, meaning we were perfectly placed to support our clients with their own preparations, as well as import and export requirements.

Our team are on-hand with any queries you may have with regards to your business' freight forwarding and how it was impacted by Brexit.

Below you will find some useful downloads to support your import and export requirements post-Brexit.

Useful Downloads

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