In August the government unveiled plans for a £25 million express freight deal to ensure the continuity of vital medical supplies following Brexit.

express freight deal for urgent medicine

Medical freight following Brexit

The UK remains uncertain as to when precisely the country will leave the European Union, following a new law introduced that effectively stops the country from leaving with a ‘no deal’ and compelling the prime minister to seek a three-month extension if this is the case. Despite this, preparations must continue to ensure that necessities such as medicines, can continue to be delivered on a consistent basis.

This announcement follows worries that the UK would suffer from drugs shortages following its exit from the EU. With over three quarters of medicine distributed within the UK, important via Channel crossings, measures must be put into place to limit the impact that Brexit will have.

The new deal was announced by the Department for Health and Social Care, the freight deal will see small parcels of medicines and medical products delivered on a 24-hour basis, with larger packages and pallets being transported every two to four days. These will include both standard medicines, alongside temperature-controlled products.

Once a freight company has been chosen for the contract it will run for a period of twelve months, with further extensions considered following the year. Speaking of this deal Health Minister, Chris Skidmore, has said: “I want to ensure that when we leave the EU…all appropriate steps have been taken to ensure frontline services are fully prepared.”

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