Year after year, freight forwarders continuously find themselves busier than ever during the festive period. These organisations are required to ensure a seamless transition at this time of year, managing surges in demand behind the scenes, to ensure satisfied clients and, of course, their customers.

However, this year freight forwarders are facing multiple challenges to guarantee customers receive the same level of service as they do any other time of the year. The UK logistics sector has seen a rise in strike action as a result of the cost-of-living crisis. With strikes occurring at pivotal times the importing, exporting, the transportation of goods is navigating a number of challenges during the 2022 festive season.

Take a look below at some top tips to help manage the disruptions likely to face the logistics industry during this year’s festive period.

Plan in advance

Planning for peak seasons can require months of preparation, with Christmas being no different. Anticipating industrial action across UK ports and railways will allow diversion tactics to be put in place by logistic managers as they are able to manoeuvre trade to alternative access points. The domino effect of strike action may generate congestion throughout the logistics sector, therefore analysis of final freight deadlines is important. Analysing these dates as early as possible will mean that ample time is available to avoid potential delays and devise diversion plans if needed.

Choosing the right freight option

When faced with the decision of how to export goods, it may not always be timely or cost effective to utilise a single freight service. Especially in uncertain times, it may be appropriate to analyse your requirements and consider multiple transportation options to ensure goods are delivered from origin to destination successfully. Your chosen freight partner will be ideally placed to guide you on the best solution.

Storage space

A continued surge in e-commerce following the pandemic has caused a huge shift from high street retail to e-commerce channels. Because of this, the logistics industry requires planning ahead to ensure ample infrastructure to process orders efficiently during the Christmas period. Ensuring this is left in the capable hands of logistics and storage experts will provide customers with reliable and efficient service throughout this hectic period.

Importance of an experienced team

With substantial planning an essential aspect during the festive season, it is important that an experienced team is put in place to ensure total clarity and support for all customers throughout unexpectant and turbulent times. Such a team will have experience of effectively handling and coping with increased demand throughout the festive season.

Here at Grace Overseas, we have extensive experience of the freight, logistics and storage industries, meaning we are able to provide the same guaranteed excellent and reliable service our customers are year round, including throughout the festive period. Contact our team today to find out how we can support your requirements during Christmas and throughout 2023!

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