December 1st holds an exciting step for the team at Grace Overseas, as we open our newest 40,000 square ft warehouse in Trafford.

This will mark our second warehouse, vastly expanding our storage and logistics capabilities to meet our consistently growing customer demand.

Our new warehouse will provide our clients with a full pick and pack facility for both pallets and full loads, dock level loading and unloading, not to mention a number of additional options for clients coming very soon. Our customer’s will also be able to access our fully integrated Mintsoft scanning.

GO Logistics and Storage

What makes this warehouse extra special is the fact that we offer to store ADR, this means that we have the facilities to store what is typically considered to be dangerous or hazardous goods, which, as you may already be aware, is a speciality of our freight forwarding service also.

Of course, our new warehouse will also include all the features that customers benefit from within our GO Logistics and Storage service.

Included in our Logistics & Storage Service

> Secure storage facilities

> Competitive pricing

> Track and trace

> Round the clock services

> Efficient repacking solutions

> Dedicated fleet and drivers

We opened our first warehouse back in 2019. This 10,000 square ft space allowed Grace Overseas to expand our services into logistics. This has ultimately enabled us to provide a convenient, reliable and scalable solution to our clients who are looking to focus on their core business without the additional stress of shipping responsibilities.

Now with an additional 40,000 square ft, our capabilities for logistics and storage has increased exponentially. Not only will this meet our existing customer demand, but allow us the resource to welcome additional clients to our ever-growing portfolio.

You can learn more about GO Logistics and Storage here, or if you would like to get in touch to discover how we can work together, call us on 0161 873 7304.

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