Following two tragic accidents, one in Indonesia and one in Ethiopia, more than 300 Boeing 737 Max 8 aircrafts were grounded earlier this year. The grounding of the Boeing 737 Max 8 fleet has received lots of media coverage and at the moment investigations are continuing.

The impact on airlines and their sales and the inconvenience and disruption to passengers has been widely publicised. Business travellers and holidaymakers around the world have been impacted but one area which hasn’t received media coverage is the potential disruption to air freight.

As passenger airlines this wouldn’t necessarily be a concern that would occur to many but it is common for passenger flights to also carry some freight.

Whilst large air consignments are generally transported in specially-designed cargo aircraft smaller items such as mail, express parcels and smaller freight and e-commerce items are often transported in passenger aircrafts.

Perhaps surprisingly many airlines earn as much as 10% of their revenue from freight carried in the cargo hold of passenger planes.

The importance of effective freight forwarding planning

The grounding of these aircrafts is just one example of how problems in exporting overseas can arise unexpectedly. Using a professional freight forwarding company with experience and the ability to offer multiple services can minimise the risk of delays when potential problems arise.

At Grace Overseas we work closely with our clients and our global network.  We have the experience and contacts in all four corners of the world to enable us to react quickly and efficiently to unforeseen problems.  This puts us in a strong position to put alternative freight solutions in place if and when necessary.

With decades of experience we are confident that we can move goods from A to B efficiently and wherever possible without delays even when the unexpected happens.

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