The world is currently adapting to unprecedented changes due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Every industry has been impacted in one way or another, whether it is adapting to home working or adapting to safer work spaces and additional capacity. Within the UK, only ‘essential’ businesses have been able to continue outside of a home working environment.

This is a testing yet demanding time for the freight industry. With the Government classing freight services as essential, it is vital that each and every freight forwarder understands their responsibilities with regards to the spread of COVID-19 and what they can do to ensure they are safe whilst continuing to operate.

Keeping the supply chain moving efficiently is a key component to keep shelves stocked and to ensure vital goods reach their destination swiftly. So how is the freight industry meeting their responsibilities safely? Government guidance has outlined what should be done:

Freight forwarding safety during the pandemic

Health and safety

Social distancing measures aboard freight vessels between the UK, Ireland and Mainland Europe, have been stressed by the Government. Ensuring that all workers are able to maintain that vital two metres distance.

For warehouses, transport terminals and distribution centres must provide adequate toilet and hand washing facilities, not to mention adequate waiting spaces and procedures to ensure social distancing measures are adhered to at all times.

Further guidance for workforces in the transport sector can be found here.

Travel and border restrictions

Of course, many countries have imposed restrictions on their borders to halt the spread of COVID-19 across countries. This means that those within the freight industry must do their due diligence prior to beginning any journey.

International road freight seems to be exempt from many restrictions due to the fact that it is an essential activity, however this could change at any time as countries continue to implement restrictions. Freight forwarders have been advised to check the Freight Transport Association’s or Road Haulage Association’s international road transport services to identify if their journey is possible under current restrictions.

For more COVID-19 advice for the freight industry, click here.

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