The last few months have presented us all with an extraordinary challenge, both in our working and personal lives. Industries have come together to support one another through this difficult time, and the freight industry is no different.

freight for front line workers

With much of the world imposing varying levels of restrictions for their population, as well as those leaving or entering the country, the freight industry has had to operate under very different circumstances. Add to this the fact that restrictions are changing constantly within each country, freight forwarders are consistently adapting their services and their processes to ensure they comply whilst ensuring goods reach their destination on time.

Freight forwarding during the pandemic

The transport of goods such as PPE, medical supplies and food is critical at any time, but particularly throughout the pandemic, these items must be transported efficiently and swiftly. As a result of this, freight forwarders worldwide have stepped forward to support workers however they can.

For the Grace Overseas team, we have been doing our part to support front line workers during this critical time, including delivering full loads of PPE to UK hospitals such as the NEC Nightingale. We are very proud to have been able to do our part during this difficult time and commend front line workers for their hard work and dedication to supporting the whole of the country.

Our 35 years of experience in the freight industry has allowed us to seamlessly provide support in this way, particularly our expertise in transporting urgent shipments of all sizes. Our range of services has also enabled us to continue proficiently; whilst sea and air freight has been hit quite dramatically by the pandemic, road freight has become critical to keeping goods moving.

Want to learn more about our freight forwarding services and how we have adapted during the COVID-19 pandemic? Contact the team at Grace Overseas today.

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