Road freight is one of the most commonly used forms of freight forwarding in the UK and internationally, with 149 billion tonne kilometres of goods moved within the UK between April 2017 and March 2018, according to government data.

With an astounding number of miles travelled across the length and breadth of the UK every day by hauliers, safety is paramount for drivers, fellow road users and pedestrians, not to mention the goods being transported. Therefore, the road freight industry has invested a great deal in the development of technologies that can support drivers throughout each journey, as well as training, allowing them to get from origin to destination safely.

What is already in place to make road freight safer?

Driver training

Of course, first and foremost, drivers must be fully qualified to drive a particular haulage vehicle. This training will cover a variety of aspects on safe driving, including vehicle checks prior to departure, regulations on driving breaks, and more. Each qualification must be renewed every five years.


The sheer scale of haulage vehicles can hinder complete visibility on all sides whilst travelling, and therefore road freight professionals now have access to camera views within their cab taken from all angles surrounding the lorry or truck, significantly improving road visibility, including clear views of areas that would typically be classed as a blind spot.

Cruise control

Providing drivers with the ability to ensure their speed remains consistent and within legal limits, particularly on motorways with variable speed limits, cruise control can play an integral part in ensuring safe and efficient driving, removing the necessity to continually have to monitor their speed.

Speed awareness

One of the most innovative pieces of technology on our lists is speed awareness software. This tracks the speed of other road users surrounding a haulage vehicle, therefore if it detects a slow down in speed ahead, it will alert a driver so that they can take timely action.

New technologies for road freight

Lane detection

The latest technology to be introduced to the road freight industry, is lane detection, which alerts drivers when they may begin to veer into the next lane. Tracked using satellite navigation, this technology is of particular importance to those driving overnight or working longer shifts.

For the team here at Grace Overseas, road freight safety is of the highest importance, ensuring that hauliers, fellow motorists, pedestrians and the freight being transported are protected.

If you are looking to work with a highly experienced, customer focused road freight company, contact the Grace Overseas team today.

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