With a surge in demand typically associated with the festive period combined with unpredictable winter weather conditions, and not to mention the recent economic and global uncertainties, this time of year has brought a new set of challenges for many businesses’ logistics arrangements.

So, whether you import, export, or move goods within the UK and beyond, how can you ensure your logistics operate smoothly, and even thrive, this winter? Read on for our top tips:

Plan ahead but remain flexible

When it comes to logistics and supply chain management, many businesses plan weeks, or months in advance. Depending on your industry, this could mean demand is forecasted, stock levels are prepped, or warehousing is organised, especially in the run up to peak trading seasons such as Christmas or summer.

But changes to customer orders, tighter deadlines, adverse weather conditions or even unforeseen industry events can mean that plans may change at short notice. By working with an experienced logistics partner and maintaining a degree of flexibility within your supply chain, your business will be prepared for any eventuality.

Maintain communication

Great communication is key to ensuring your logistics requirements are met without a hitch! Keeping in regular contact with your suppliers and partners and informing them of any changes as early as possible, means they can adjust accordingly.

Likewise, by partnering with a tech-enabled logistics and freight company, you can keep your own customers updated with real-time information. At Grace Overseas, we support our customers by implementing the most up to date technology – learn more here.

Understand your freight requirements

There are several factors that will affect which mode of transport is best suited to your freight requirements, such as the speed of service, size or volume, and destination of your goods. A reliable freight forwarder will have experience across a range of services including air, sea, and road, so speak to them to find out which is the ideal solution for your business, especially during busy periods.

Consider your storage needs

While many businesses store goods on-site, winter’s peak trading can put pressure on your existing storage requirements. A lack of suitable storage space isn’t simply an inconvenience, it can lead to issues around workflow and efficient operations, not to mention security and employee safety, especially as the weather turns.

Talk to your logistics provider – do they offer the facilities you need to accommodate high stock levels? Our expert team can not only store your goods securely in our 40,000 warehousing unit, we can prepare and ship your goods directly to customers on your behalf, too.

Check your documentation

For companies that are busiest during the winter months, paperwork can be an added hassle, especially when combined with much tighter deadlines associated with the festive period. You may even find that your business handles goods that it doesn’t usually, such as hazardous cargo, making it easy to miss documentation. Therefore, it’s essential to work with freight forwarders and logistics providers who have the right experience and accreditations.

Grace Overseas is a qualified Dangerous Goods Safety Adviser (DGSA) which is a requirement when transporting dangerous goods internationally and can advise you on the type of documentation you might need.

Work with a reliable partner

Having a reliable team to ensure your logistics arrangements thrive during winter means that you can focus on your core business, while they take care of your logistics needs – be it freight forwarding, warehousing or fulfilment.

With nearly 40 years’ experience, you can be assured your goods are in safe hands with the GO team! Contact us here to discuss your needs.

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