Whilst it may have moved to the back of our minds in recent months due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Great Britain is still very much on track for Brexit in January 2021. And with it comes some distinct changes to the way in which we will import and export with EU countries.

So, what do you need to do to prepare for these changes, to ensure that you can continue importing and exporting to EU countries?

imports and exports after Brexit

Imports and exports following Brexit

Know how to declare your goods

Customs declarations will need to be made when importing or exporting goods to and from the UK from 1st January 2021. One important thing to note is that customs declarations for some importing situations can be delayed by up to six months, which will ultimately speed up the process significantly. You can find out if you can declare your goods later here. For those choosing to using a freight forwarding partner, these declarations will be handled by them.

Check the rules on your goods

Current rules for importing and exporting some goods will change from January 2021, therefore you should ensure you have the import/ export licences or certificates required, that your goods comply with labelling and marketing standards and, if you are importing alcohol, tobacco and certain oils, that you are fully aware of the rules that will apply.

Make sure you have an EORI number

To import or export with EU countries from January 2021, you will need an EORI number. This EORI number should start with GB. You can get your number here.

Exporting – Know your VAT rate

Once Brexit is complete, you will be able to charge customers within the EU VAT at 0% on many good that you export. Find out what goods this will apply to here.

Importing – What duty and Tax will you need to pay?

All imports will be subject to customs duty and tax. Customs duty pricing from January 2021 can be found here, and VAT rates are shown here.

Ensuring that you are fully prepared for changes to importing and exporting procedures come January 2021 is essential to keep your supply chain moving. If you are looking for support with freight forwarding before or after Brexit, contact our team today to find out more about our freight and logistics services.

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