As you would expect, our 37 years in business has seen technology move on leaps and bounds for the freight forwarding industry.

Technology has allowed us to significantly improve our service efficiency over the years, and with ever-increasing demand for the faster transport of goods, new innovations have played a pivotal role in meeting and exceeding this demand.

For some time now, but with a strong focus in the last few years, the freight industry has been seeking ways in which technology can help to reduce the environmental impact of its operations. With road freight alone accounting for 5% of carbon emissions within the UK in 2018, it is crucial that freight forwarders quickly implement changes to enable them to meet the country’s net-zero target by 2050. But how can this ambitious target be met by the road freight industry?

Freight technology

Electric Road Systems

Last year the government unveiled a proposal for ‘e-highways’, which would eliminate the vast majority of carbon emissions from road freight. This would be achieved by installing overhead charging cables for electric lorries throughout the country.

The initiative, costing an estimated £19.3 billion, would also have the added benefit of ensuring the remotest parts of the UK were within reach of freight truck by the late-2030s. According to a report by the Centre for Sustainable Road Freight, this initiative could pay for itself within 15 years.

The cables that would be used for the initiative would look similar to those seen on top of electric trains, called a pantograph. They would stretch across 4,300 miles and be powered by the national electricity grid. The electricity from these cables would power the lorry’s electric motor, alongside the onboard electric battery to support them in reaching destinations away from the electrified roads.

Electric vehicles are already being utilised by the logistics industry for short-range deliveries in urban areas and are proving to be a huge asset in the race to reduce carbon emissions but there is still a long way to go. There has been no word yet as to when or if these proposals will go ahead, but from our perspective, they will dramatically change the UK freight industry for the better.

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