July will mark the beginning of brand new EU to GB import controls in what will mark the next phase of changes following the UK’s exit from the European Union.

For the Grace Overseas team, not to mention our clients, these changes are nothing new, having become accustomed to adapting to changes brought in during previous Brexit stages. Changes from the 1st July will be introduced for sanitary and phytosanitary (SPS checks) on agri-food goods from the EU at the UK border.

The IOE & IT has warned businesses, however, on the risks of being complacent with regards to these changes, urging importers of goods of plant and animal origins to ensure they are fully prepared.

What are the changes?

From the beginning of July, businesses must provide phytosanitary or export health certificates at the UK border, where goods will also be checked. Goods included at this stage are:

> All regulated plants and plant products

> All meat and meat products

> High-risk regulated animal by-products

> High-risk food that is not of animal origin

What changes are next?

July does not mark the end of changes; further checks will come into force in September and again in November, these will include:

September 2022 – Certification and physical checks for all dairy products

November 2022 – Certification and physical checks will come into force for all remaining regulated products of animal origin

Speaking on the matter, Marco Forgione, Director General of the IOE & IT has said:

“It is imperative that importers are ready and aware that these changes are coming. If you trade animal-origin or plant-based products with the EU, you need to understand these new measures.

We have already seen a significant shock to the global food supply chain due to the war in Ukraine and the Covid-induced logistics issues. If food importers in Great Britain are not fully prepared for these changes, we could see a further rise in the cost of living for families and shortages of Continental food staples in GB supermarkets, as well as long delays at the GB border.”

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the upcoming changes, speak to the experts here at Grace Overseas today on 0161 873 7304 or email enquiries@graceoverseas.com.

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