People across the globe are now, more-so than ever, insistent upon instant gratification; whether with regards to seeking an answer to a question, communicating, needing resolution for an issue or even browsing the web, speed is now an essential component to any and all customer service efforts.

This is of particular relevance to the freight industry. As online shopping has dominated the retail industry, the speed at which these products are delivered is a huge concern for consumers and businesses alike.

Expectations for speedy delivery are growing year on year. Research has revealed that 80% of shoppers surveyed want to see same-day shipping when shopping online, with more than 25% abandoning their cart if this option isn’t available.

Offering quick deliveries to customers can be a fantastic business decision when looking to boost profits, as this will arguably attract more customers. However, this will only be the case if your delivery arrives on time.

As a result of this, businesses across the globe offering speedy delivery to their customers must ensure that they are working with a reliable and experienced freight forwarding provider. But how can you identify one?

Express cargo

The signs of a great express freight provider


One of the most important aspects, an experienced freight forwarder will know the exporting process inside out. This ultimately means that they will be able to take care of the entire process (including customs brokerage) on your behalf, ensuring compliance at every step.

Dedicated services

The ideal express freight provider will have dedicated and experienced drivers to get your goods to their destination, as well as a range of vehicles to handle all cargo sizes. This ultimately allows for the most cost effective, reliable service to both your business and the end customer.

Track and trace

With efficient delivery comes transparency, and this means that customers expect to know where their goods are at all times. This is something that your chosen freight forwarder should provide, with real-time updates on your cargo.

For nearly 35 years, Grace Overseas has provided a reliable, efficient, safe and cost-effective freight forwarding service to clients across the globe. As customer requirements have become ever-more focused on timing, so have our services, with GO Express becoming one of our most popular services. Contact our expert team today to find out more about our express cargo delivery.

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